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Archive for March, 2012

Health Literacy Curriculum Development Institute

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Health Literacy Curriculum Development and Educational Leadership Institute
Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston
Dates: June 11-15, 2012
Limited to 20 participants

The Health Literacy Curriculum Development and Educational Leadership Institute provides health professionals and educators the opportunity to develop a health literacy curriculum to help transform public health and healthcare delivery in the United States. The Institute will include peer learning, sharing research and a curriculum development project. The Calgary Charter on Health Literacy will provide guidance for projects. Faculty includes Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi, Julie McKinney and Clifford Coleman. Contact Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi for further information.

NLM APIs Webinar

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Software developers are invited to join NLM data experts as they showcase NLM APIs and provide valuable information on how to find, use, and incorporate medical literature, drug, clinical trial, consumer health information, molecular biology, and other data into novel products. The free webinar, NLM API Showcase: Using NLM APIs for Product Development, will be held April 10, 2012 from 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. (ET). There are several options for participating:

  • Adobe Connect: Available to the first 500 people, provides the opportunity to submit questions, will be recorded and archived at Adobe URL:
  • NIH Videocast: Can be viewed live and will be archived at
    On site: Lister Hill Center Auditorium, first floor of Building 38A on the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, MD. Directions and visitor information.

  • Follow the webinar with live tweets, and submit questions for the experts, @nlm_newsroom using hashtag #nlmapi

[Article from Techincal Bulletin,] Redesign

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Explore the redesign. NIHSeniorHealth is designed specifically for the senior-searcher. The site was recently redesigned after further usability testing with older adults. Developed by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute on Aging, already included user-friendly features such as the ability to resize text and change contrast for low vision searchers. The NIHSeniorHealth Toolkit for Trainers provides librarians and other health information providers with lesson plans and student handouts to teach MedlinePlus and NIHSeniorHealth.

New features of the redesign include:

  • A search feature providing results from NIHSeniorHealth, MedlinePlus, the NIA Aging Age Pages, and other content selected by MedlinePlus staff.
  • A new banner with easy access to over 50 health topics and 150 videos.
  • Email updates highlighting new topics.
  • A Bookmark feature and a Share Button to help you share information with colleagues, friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and many other ways.
  • Health topics organized with the following headings for ease of navigation: In this Topic; Learn More; and Related Topics.

Take a look at the redesign, and discover how NIHSeniorHealth can help you provide patient education and care for the health of your family and friends.

Clever Evaluation Webinar

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Hello All, For those of you who could not attend the Healthy Communities COI’s webinar on creative ways to evaluate community outreach projects presented by the OERC’s Cindy Olney, you may listen to the recording of the webinar. The presentation is captioned. Cindy did a great job of explaining various methods of activity and outcomes evaluation.

She gave some practical examples and advice on how to measure behavior change outcomes as well as surveying for changes in participants’ knowledge and attitudes after a community health education event.

Learn when you can employ a direct surveying approach and when a logic model method of evaluation works best. Cindy was also willing to speak to anyone individually and advise them on evaluation possibilities for a specific outreach event being planned. The OERC has some helpful booklets that can be printed from the website at . Check it out along with the webcast.

By Deb Clark, Healthy Communities COI Leader

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