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Tox Town Introduces New US Southwest Neighborhood

What is fracking? What are uranium tailings and how can they affect my health? Answers to these questions can be found in Tox Town’s new US Southwest Scene. (English) (Spanish)

This scene, developed in conjunction with Diné College in New Mexico, highlights locations associated with environmental health concerns impacting the Navajo and others living in the Southwest region of the United States. New Tox Town locations found in this scene include:
1. Abandoned Mines
2. Coal-Fired Power Plants
3. Dust Storms
4. Hydraulic Fracturing
5. Irrigation Canals and Ditches
6. Oil and Gas Fields
7. Sheep Ranching
8. Uranium Tailings
9. Water Wells
10. Windmills

Regardless of where you live, you will definitely want to visit this new neighborhood and learn about possible environmental health risks in this part of the country.

[Forwarded from National Library of Medicine Specialized Information Services]

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