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In you missed the community outreach program planning webinar…

We recorded it for you.

Community Outreach Program Planning

Date: October 6, 2011, 2- 3 PM
Hosted by the Healthy Communities COI
Guest Speaker: Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi, Kurtz-Rossi and Associates

The Healthy Communities РCommunity of Interest (COI) brings you health and literacy educator Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi, M.Ed., presenting oncommunity health program planning and development. She will talk about her recent experience working with community based organizations (CBOs) in Providence RI serving the Latino community and CBOs in rural Maine serving seniors. Her presentation will include a discussion of ideas and strategies for community assessment, forming partnerships, and planning and implementing community health programs. She will also draw on the experience of Healthy Communities COI members and hopes you too will share the creative ideas and strategies that have worked for you.

Watch the recording at:

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