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Healthcare Workforce COI Introduction

The American workforce is a large and diverse population working in a variety of environments and being trained in programs ranging from community colleges to university medical schools.  About 10% of the New England workforce is employed in healthcare fields and the newly formed Healthcare Workforce Community of Interest will explore these professions and the roles librarians have, possibly identifying new ones.

Since the COI was created, Lauri Fennell (the NN/LM NER facilitator of this group) and Pat Gorman (the COI leader) have been brainstorming and discussing various ways to approach this task.  We’ve come up with a number of ideas but need input, suggestions and assistance.

Pat works in a community college that has an associate level nursing program, a dental hygienist program, and a variety of allied health programs. Many of you will have varying experiences and roles that will be of value to this group. We will hold web-meetings to discuss ideas and perhaps develop a program, invite speakers or design a pilot project.

We hope that you will join us to bring your experience, thoughts, and suggestions to this group.

A recent e-mail communication was sent to those who subscribed to this Community of Interest through the NER’s new e-mail subscription service.  If you have not signed up to receive the eNews via e-mail on the topic of the Healthcare Workforce you can do so by going clicking here Subscribe to NER eNews, then making your selections. Note if you receive a message indicating that you are subscribed it means we sent you an initial message; you will still need to proceed in order to make topic selections and receive future e-mail communications from us.


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