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MedlinePlus Connect Q & A

What is MedlinePlus Connect?
MedlinePlus Connect is a free service of the National Library of Medicine that allows any EHR to link to health information on MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus connects the EHR with the health topics information on MedlinePlus.

How does it work?
MedlinePlus Connect accepts requests for diagnoses (problem codes) and medications. The problem code requests link to ICD-9-CM and SNOWMED CORE Problem List Subset. For medication requests, MedlinePlus links to RXCUI and NDC Codes.  See how MedlinePlus Connect responds to codes for problems and medication on the Demonstration Page.

How can I implement MedlinePlus Connect?
You need to work with your technical staff who can add links to your EHR system. The coding information in your system(ICD-9-CM, NDC, etc) will be used to create links in a standard format. Links take users to MedlinePlus information on that topic. Please refer your EHR staff to the Technical Documentation provided by MedlinePlus.

Which EMRs are compatible with MedlinePlus Connect?
MedlinePlus Connect uses the open HL7 Infobutton Standard and any vendor can use it. MedlinePlus Connect requires no registration so NLM doesn’t know exactly who’s using it. As more institutions use MedlinePlus Connect, there will be more sharing of implementation experiences. You can join the MedlinePlus Connect discussion list to share experiences with your colleagues and stay informed of updates.

Where can I find technical information?

Need further assistance?
NLM is happy to answer questions about MedlinePlus Connect. Contact them on the NLM customer service page.

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