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Update for the New Year 2011

Here’s a brief update for the New Year.

NLM completed their Year End Processing activities in December. You can read about what’s new or different in 2011 for Medline®, MeSH® and PubMed® in the November –December issue of the NLM Technical Bulletin, . This is a very full issue with many other interesting topics.

In addition, the Journals Database was recently integrated with the NLM catalog.

Here are some brief notes about it:

On the PubMed homepage, under More Resources, you will see that the link that once led to the Journals Database now says Journals in NCBI databases and links to the NLM Catalog. This is actually a limit that is being applied to your search in the catalog.  Once you conduct a search in the catalog you will see the “Limits Activated” message on the top of the results page.

A few options for searching are:

a.       typing in your terms and clicking search, the search details  box to the right will show how the term was applied, the results may include MeSH terms and will apply to All Fields.

b.      clicking on “Browse Medline by broad subject terms”(found below the search box) on the NLM catalog homepage. This takes you to the subject list previously linked to from the Journals Database.

c.       using limits such as:

  • Only in PubMed
  • PubMed Central
  • Electronic only
  • Consumer Health
    Material Type:
  • Journals (Currently published)
    Publication Type:
  • Case Reports
  • Collected Works
  • Biography
    And many others…

A few other tips:
o   Use the “Add to Search Builder” box on the right hand side of page to select a group of journal titles; click on the boxes to the left of the title, click the Add to Search Builder button, then click Search PubMed.

o   From a single record use the links to right hand side of page to run a search in PubMed, or add the title to Single Citation Matcher.

o The default sort is by publication date, you can change this by changing it in the Display Settings drop down menu at the top of the page.

Note: The journals option is no longer in the drop down menu on the PubMed homepage; use the NLM Catalog option instead. The journal field choice is available in the Search Builder section on the Advanced Search Page.

For greater detail please read the Technical Bulletin article, that will provide images, tables and additional links to more information, found in the same November-December issue mentioned above:

As always when Year End Processing is complete or changes like this occur, check your MyNCBI saved items for possible editing.


To Stay Up To Date:  subscribe to e-mail lists or RSS feeds.

If you prefer, check the NLM Technical Bulletin or NCBI News on a regular basis to see the latest information.

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