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PubMed Limits and Other Recent Changes

I thought this would be a good time to answer some of the common questions I have been hearing while reviewing the recent changes.

  1. Where can I set the limits?
  2. You can now access the limits by a NEW link on the homepage just above the search box, this will open a newly created separate page.
    • A date range menu has been added.
    • The choices have been reorganized by order of popularity.
    • The Text Options has been moved to the bottom left of the page.
    • Clear limits with the reset button and then run a new search.

    Note: there are new publication types in the list, Webcasts and Research Support, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

  3. How do I print in the new design?
  4. Printing can be done in a couple of ways. When viewing your results you can use your browsers print function (file—print) or Ctrl P to print what you see on the screen. This will take out the PubMed header but include the full text icons that are associated with a citation.
    Choose your items, by clicking the boxes to the left of the citation, and use the display settings: select Summary (Text) or Abstract (text) to eliminate the web related content. The Summary (Text) option will change the format of the citation slightly by putting the author names first, offering that arrangement for those who prefer it.

  5. How do I see the MeSH terms and other supplemental data?
  6. Below the citation, if “indexed for MEDLINE”, will be a plus sign followed by the available components: Publication Types, MeSH Terms, Substances, click on this to expand/open the information to display all pertinent information.

  7. Where do my Clipboard items display?
  8. After selecting Send To:
    • an icon will display on the results page on the right hand side.
    • the number 0 will be assigned to clipboard items in the history section.
    • NEW: A Clipboard link will show on the PubMed homepage in the list under the PubMed Tools heading

  9. What choices do I have for E-mailing formats?
  10. Summary-Send your citation in the summary format if you want a hyperlink that the recipient can use to go to PubMed where the fulltext and other PubMed features will display.
    Abstract-Send in Abstract form to include the icons connected to full text along with the MeSH terms, Publications Types and other Supplemental Data that is part of the indexed record.
    Abstract (text) Send in the Abstract (text) form to have an easy to print version, this will not include hyperlinks, icons or MeSH and other supplemental data.
    Medline, XML and PMID List are also options.
    • NEW: Recently a feature has been added to allow for large sets of citations to be sent in batches. The size limit has been 200 per e-mail but this new option will allow the user to select a starting point. For instance, if the first 200 have been sent the next group should start at 201.
    A description is in the NLM Technical Bulletin:

The Advanced Search Page has been trimmed down. The former box that contained multiple search menus and the Limits section has been removed.

  • In their place is the NEWSearch Builder where you can use the drop down menu to select the field you want to search and use the Boolean operator buttons to combine and build your search.The Index to fields and field values has been streamlined into this section as well allowing for multiple selection of terms: choose the field from the drop down menu, type in your term, click the index button to the right of the search box, select multiple choices from the list by using the Ctrl function and add to the search box.
  • Instructions have also been added to the Search Builder and History sections. They are viewable by clicking on the text at the bottom of the box/section.

Read about all the changes including changes to PubMed and many other NLM Resources in the latest NLM Technical Bulletin article.

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