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New: Outreach Award for Library Services

NN/LM NER announces a new funding category. Outreach Awards for Library Services to Health Services and Public Health Agencies is designed to assist members in conducting limited or short-term outreach to health related agencies.

The Award funds outreach steps that are smaller in cost and scale than the Express Outreach Awards for Community Engagement. A Member Library would establish contact with one or several health related health care agencies and agree to provide health information services. Examples of services can be:

  • document delivery
  • mediated searching
  • training on finding health information resources

Funding would allow the outreach to be reimbursed on a per unit basis. The health care agency receiving the services should not be affiliated with your home institution.

A brief proposal should include: information on the type of services to be provided; a description of the health related agency(ies); cost information, and other supporting documentation.

For more details on eligibility, restrictions, and necessary information, see the full award announcement.

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