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Advanced Search Page

We have been notified that the tabs containing Limits, Preview/Index, History, Clipboard and Details will be going away. We don’t know when but it could be soon. The Advanced Search page is where you will find all of these functions now. In addition, a link to the Clipboard will display on the homepage, next to the search box, after selections have been sent to it.

This posting summarizes what you will find on the Advanced Search page. There are new sections in addition to the areas that cover the content of the tabs.

The familiar sections:

  • The History section is at the top of the page just below the single search box. The default shows five searches but this can be expanded by clicking the MORE HISTORY button or reduced back to the first five by using the LESS HISTORY button. If items have been sent to the Clipboard then the last item on the list, numbered zero and highlighted in green, will connect to the Clipboard.
  • The Limits section is mostly the same. The various groupings have been reorganized a bit and the dates section as not been included at this time. The journal and author component is covered in the multiple search box section.
  • The Preview/Index section is at the bottom of the page. It is now called Index of Fields and Field Values. You can still make multiple selections there by using the shift or control keys.

The new sections:

  • The section titled Search by Author, Journal, Publication Date and more contains multiple search boxes. The default is set to the fields listed previousl but these can be changed by using the drop down menus. The author and journal fields have the auto-complete feature. Additional citation related search boxes can be displayed by selecting the Add More Citation Search Fields found below the three search boxes.

This section is meant to replace the single citation matcher that is now found in the blue sidebar on the homepage. Also in this section are links to the alphabetical indexes. They are located next to the individual search boxes. Note that in this area you can only select one term/phrase at a time.

  • The Queries section, found at the bottom of the page, contains links to Clinical (Clinical Queries) and Topic Specific (Special Queries) pages, as well as the MeSH and Journal databases.

The Advanced Search page does have it’s own URL Changes and improvements continue on a regular basis. The NLM Technical Bulletin will keep you up to date on the changes.

Click to view Image 1
Single search box and history sections

Click to view Image 2
Index of fields and field values and queries sections

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