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NER’eastah Blog and RSS Feeds

Submitted by Penny Glassman

Welcome to the latest issue of the The NER’eastah, the Newsletter of the New England Regional Library.

The new blog format allows us to continue providing you with interesting articles about issues important to health sciences librarians in New England, and deliver announcements and late-breaking news items.

There is a link to the Newsletter blog on the NN/LM NER Website ( However, if you have not done so already, I strongly recommend that you use a feed-reader to subscribe to the NER’eastah Blog and other news feeds. A previous newsletter article included information on setting up RSS Feeds and news feed readers. Here is the link to RSS Feed Redux:

Not ready to jump into the “blogosphere”? There is also a PDF version of the Spring 2008 issue at:

Please feel free to send me comments about the blog. My email address is

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