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Catching Up

Submitted by Lauri Fennell

I am new to this role at the NN/LM NER, so I have been doing some catch up. The NLM Technical Bulletin is full of great information. It includes many interesting updates related to Pubmed. I thought maybe you have some catching up to do, too?

Here are some of the highlights:

Diacritics in PubMed® Displays and Searching
Since late April 2007 “…diacritical marks have been displayed in author names and affiliation (first author’s address) on the AbstractPlus, Abstract, and Citation displays…”

Read more:

PubMed® Subject Subset Strategies Updated for 2008
When using the limits feature you have the option of choosing topic subsets. These subsets are reviewed annually. The following subset strategy was recently revised:

Bioethics, Cancer, Complementary Medicine, and Systematic Reviews

A description of the strategy can be found from the Pubmed Subset Strategies page:

You can take advantage of these pre-formulated strategies from the limits page

PubMed Central®, the collection continues to grow…

Patient Drug Information Available from PubMed®
MedMaster drug information added to PubMed AbstractPlus display format.

Note: some of you may have been seeing this since October. The results were displaying randomly at first but are now expected to show up, if relevant, in all Pubmed searches.
Read more:

Now I’m keeping up

This was recently announced…

PubMed® Alerts: E-mail Notification of Major System Problems
Now you can be notified of major system problems with Pubmed by signing up for e-mail alerts. Read more

***There is so much more I didn’t include here***

To read the entire NLM Technical Bulletin:

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