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RAC (Regional Advisory Committee)

The role of the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) is:

  • To advise NN/LM NER staff on implementing programs to improve health professionals' and consumers' access to biomedical information, within the framework of the NN/LM NER contract with the National Library of Medicine.
  • To review and evaluate NN/LM NER programs and services.
  • To encourage health professionals, health science libraries, community organizations, and others to participate in regional and national programs affecting the delivery of health information.

Membership on the Regional Advisory Committee changes annually. Members are invited to attend meetings held periodically in Worcester, MA; receive progress reports and other NN/LM NER publications; further two-way communications between NN/LM NER and constituent groups; serve on subcommittees, e.g., on outreach proposal review; and participate in an electronic discussion list to raise issues and provide feedback to NN/LM NER staff.


To access the full HLAG page which includes additional information click here.

The Hospital Library Advisory Group (HLAG) consists of members from each state within the region whose libraries serve a teaching or community hospital. HLAG advises NER on the status and issues facing hospital libraries throughout the region. Working with NER staff, the group proposes pilot projects, programs, and knowledge management initiatives.

HLAG has a designated NER staff member (Meredith Solomon) as the primary contact who acts as a facilitator and convener for the group which is made up of the following hospital library's:

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Resource Libraries

The New England Region currently has an active complement of Resource Libraries that contribute to outreach and training-related programs. Resource Libraries are larger libraries with complex library operations and a diverse user base. The 17 Resource Libraries represent twelve academic health sciences libraries and five are larger hospital libraries that serve multi-disciplinary health centers. Several of the hospital libraries have long-standing or recently developing affiliations with one of the academic health centers in the Region.

Resource Libraries service unaffiliated health professionals in their respective areas by offering document delivery to health care providers and public health agencies. Resource Libraries also have an established history of undertaking outreach projects as funded by NER. Outreach projects are a key component to decentralizing the outreach function of the National Network. The participation and investment of Resource Libraries in sponsored outreach has broadened the promotion of National Library of Medicine, reaching many of the designated special populations in both urban and rural areas of the Region.

Another important function of Resource Libraries is the leadership and expertise they provide to the region. Resource Library directors and staff attend annual RAC meetings and are actively involved in RAC groups that have conducted assessments or developed training programs for the region and abroad.

Resource Libraries include all AAMC accredited medical schools located within the state region. Two other Resource Libraries have long-established pharmaceutical programs and nursing programs. Five other resource libraries are libraries within tertiary care institutions having large libraries with multiple professional staffs. Four of the five larger hospital libraries have institutional affiliations with one of the medical schools within the region.

Links to each library:


For more information about specific network programs in the New England Region, call us at 1-800-338-7657.

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