The National Network of Libraries of Medicine New England Region (NN/LM NER) has a long standing tradition of innovation and of implementing novel approaches to advancing access to health information within the scope of NN/LM mission and goals.

  1. The University of Massachusetts Medical School, Lamar Soutter Library will commit staff and space to administer the NN/LM NER program for 2016-2021.
  2. NN/LM NER will develop a regional network of libraries and other institutions to support Regional and National goals of the National Library of Medicine.
  3. NN/LM NER will provide an organizational and advisory structure to form collaborations and partnerships across the region.
  4. NN/LM NER will utilize multiple forms of communications about NLM and NER activities, programs, and services.
  5. Evaluate and report on NER activities, programs, and services.
  6. Implement the Network National Emergency Preparedness Response Plan.
  7. The NN/LM NER will provide a regional infrastructure supporting data literacy, data management, and data curation.
  8. The NN/LM NER will provide web-based resources and curricular opportunities for librarians to retool their skills in data literacy, data management, and data curation preservation activities.
  9. The NN/LM NER will provide web-based resources and educational opportunities for researchers to learn data management best practices.
  10. The NN/LM NER will increase awareness amongst New England area librarians and researchers about e-Science and how librarians support biomedical research.
  11. The NN/LM NER will collaboratively work with Network Members to support access to print and electronic biomedical and health information throughout the region.
  12. The NN/LM NER will provide and administer a funding program to support the access to biomedical and health information and data management programs described in this core.
  13. The NN/LM NER will partner with Network Members to implement a focused outreach program connecting medically underserved, minority populations, and the health professionals who serve them with quality health information products and services.
  14. In collaboration with the National Public Health Coordination Office, NN/LM NER will provide resources, outreach, and education to public health workers throughout New England.
  15. The NN/LM NER will provide a suite of health information courses and presentations on biomedical and health resources emphasizing NLM products for both consumers and health professionals.
  16. The NN/LM NER will engage with Network Members to identify and develop programing to support emerging roles for health information professionals.
  17. The NN/LM NER will collaborate with Network Members to identify "under-connected" community-based organizations, libraries, schools, and health professionals to upgrade and introduce new technologies to ensure access to health information.
  18. The NN/LM NER will promote NLM and NER programs and services by exhibiting at national, state, and local events.
  19. The NN/LM NER will provide and administer a funding program to support the outreach and education programs described in this course.
  20. Establish the NPHCO to expand the existing Digital Library model utilizing a strategic alliance framework to provide access to evidence-based resources to state Public Health Departments.
  21. Select, license, manage and provide desktop access to evidence-based resources geared toward public health workers.
  22. Coordinate with the NN/LM Regions and the NTO to create and provide ongoing training on the use of Digital Library resources.
  23. Develop and implement a marketing/communications and technology support plan.