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4 Steps to an Evaluation Plan

Writing a proposal? Evaluation planning starts right when you start thinking about doing a project. We recommend working through the NEO's Booklets, but here are some of the basic steps and worksheets if you want to jump right in.

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Evaluation Planning

Basic Guide to Program Evaluation (Including Outcomes Evaluation)
From the Free Management Library.

An international collaboration that encourages sharing of evaluation methods, approaches and processes for improvement.

CDC: A Framework for Program Evaluation 
A practical, non-prescriptive tool, this framework summarizes and organizes the steps and standards for effective program evaluation.

Designing Evaluations: 2012 Revision
From the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Evaluability Assessment for Impact Evaluation: Guidance, Checklists and Decision Support, by Greet Peersman, Irene Guijt & Tiina Pasanen

Library Edge, Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 
“The Library Edge provides libraries an overview of current public services and community engagement. From operations to partnerships and programming, the toolkit generates recommendations for implementing best practices to align with future growth and community priorities. It also provides useful resources to demonstrate the library’s community service to community leaders."

Rural Health Needs Assessment and Program Evaluation
This guide from the Rural Assistance Center can assist with the use of appropriate program evaluation measures to help to assess what actually works for rural health settings since many evidence-based strategies are based on urban and non-rural populations.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook, W.K. Kellog Foundation, January 1998
The Logic Model Development Guide is part of an excellent evaluation handbook that provides basic information and is useful for those with little or no experience in evaluation. Although not an exhaustive instructional guide, the handbook provide a framework for thinking about evaluation of any project. Available in English and Spanish.

Storytelling in Evaluation

CDC Injury Prevention and Control Story Builder Tool 
The story builder takes you through three steps to produce an attractive, well-written program success story. Each step offers downloadable Microsoft Word documents to walk you through the process.

Creating Healthy Communities Program Success Stories 
Various stories collected for the Ohio Department of Health's Creating Healthy Communities Program. 

NEO Blog Posts about Storytelling 
We have a whole category of blog posts about the power of storytelling in evaluation.

30 Days to Data Storytelling from Juice Analytics
With assignments of less than 30 minutes a day, this guide links to data visualization and storytelling resources from sources as varied as Pixar, Harvard Business Review, Ira Glass, the New York Times, and Bono.