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Tools and Resources


Data Dashboards

Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
Health IT Dashboard

University of North Carolina Wilmington
William Madison Randall Library 
Library Statistics Dashboard

NEO Resources

Blog Posts

Evaluation Reporting

Nancy Duarte: The Secret Structure of Great Talks
TEDtalks (February 2012)

Potent Presentations
Presentation tools for design and delivery

Evergreen Data Blog
Also check out the helpful Evaluation Report Layout Checklist

Duarte Slidedocs
Templates of presentation tools that combine visual communications with short chunks of written copy


Measuring Outcomes
This manual, from the organization Strengthening Nonprofits, provides a good overview of data collection and analysis and also talks about how to communicate the results.  

Analyzing Qualitative Data and Analyzing Quantitative Data
Both guides are from the University of Wisconsin's Extension program on Program Development and Evaluation.

Data Visualization Techniques

Juice Analytics Chart Chooser
Use the filters below to find the right chart type for your needs, then download as Excel or PowerPoint templates and insert your own data.

Qualitative Chart Chooser
A diagram that organizes different ways to visualize qualitative data, from EvergreenData.

Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
An interactive table of 100 visualization methods.

Seeing Data
A research project in the United Kingdom studying how people understand big data visualizations shown in the media

Data Dashboards

Whitepaper: A Guide to Creating Dashboards People Love to Use
From Juice Analytics (you will need to scroll to find the Guide)

Chandoo Excel Dashboards
Tutorials, templates and examples of Excel dashboards