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Loansome DOC

How does Loansome Doc affect copyright law compliance?

In Loansome Doc, before users can Order, they must read the standard copyright compliance notice. For more information on library photocopying and copyright, you may want to refer to Circular R21, "Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians" issued by the Copyright Office, Library of Congress, telephone (202) 479-0700 or "The Copyright Law and the Health Sciences Librarian," revised edition, Medical Library Association, 1989.

Are requests that come from Loansome Doc users that are transferred into DOCLINE included in the CONTU guideline of five, in which articles from the last five years of a journal may not be requested more than five times within the past year?

Yes. Once a request is transferred into DOCLINE it should be treated like any other DOCLINE request that your library initiates.


What will be the impact of Loansome Doc on QuickDOC?

QuickDOC accommodates Loansome Doc.


Will you serve people who are unaffiliated with your institution?

You are not obligated to serve unaffiliated people, but you may be fulfilling your institution's mission by doing so. You may want to serve unaffiliated people if:

  • Your hospital or institution has an outreach mission.
  • You have a collection that can be of real use to a wider group of people.
  • You have the only library collection in an area that is largely underserved.
  • Unaffiliated users approach you for Loansome Doc service, indicating that they see you as "their" library.

Which unaffiliated people will you serve?

  • Only health professionals?
  • Non-health professionals?
  • Health professionals with a speciality that is appropriate for your library? For example, a nursing school library might serve unaffiliated nurses.
  • Only people within your city, county, zip code area, or state?

Services to Be Offered

What services might your library offer?

  • You might provide "pull-only" service for items held in your collection.
  • You might give Loansome Doc users a list of your journal title holdings to make it easier for them to see what is available locally.
  • You might offer training on NLM search interfaces (such as PubMed and MEDLINEplus) and the Loansome Doc service.
  • You might offer rush service, either for clinical emergencies or any time it is requested.
  • You might provide fax delivery from your library to another office in your institution.
  • You might provide long distance fax delivery.

What service might a library provide for health professionals in the hospital when the library does not normally "pull" or photocopy materials for them?

Loansome Doc may prompt health professionals to request additional services. It is up to each library to set its own service policies for different categories of users. Your service agreement for affiliated users could state that the library reserves the right to decline to make copies from journals held in the library.

Consortium and Local Group Participation

What sort of Loansome Doc plan might a consortium or state group have?

Elements of such a plan might be:

  • A recommended charge for Loansome Doc within your area so that health professionals can know what to expect.
  • A referral arrangement, e.g., DOCLINE libraries could arrange to accommodate users who are affiliated with a non-DOCLINE library; a pediatric hospital could arrange to take all unaffiliated pediatricians.
  • An agreement that libraries won't bill each other even if they are billing the users.
  • An agreement about the appropriate library for Loansome Doc service for a health professional who has multiple affiliations (e.g., has admitting privileges at several hospitals).