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Free Reciprocal Interlibrary Loan Group

FreeShare is a cross-regional DOCLINE Library Group whose members agree to fill DOCLINE requests for affiliated users free of charge on a reciprocal basis. The loan is totally free to the requesting library. Loansome Doc transfers for unaffiliated users must not be sent to the FreeShare Library Group.

Any DOCLINE library may ask to be added to the FreeShare Library Group by contacting the the National DOCLINE Coordination Office. Participation in this group is by self-selection. There is no agreement form, regional affiliation, or institutional affiliation required.

FreeShare is not to be confused with FreeForAll (FFA), a collaboration of libraries providing health professionals in developing nations with journal articles. FreeForAll requests must be routed only to participating institutions, and not to FreeShare libraries.

With the availability of routing by Library Group, you can place the FreeShare Library Group directly into your routing table. For best performance, you should place FreeShare, and FreeShare alone, into a cell in your routing table with no other libraries or library groups in the same cell. DOCLINE will then randomly select up to 20 FreeShare libraries that are currently active, own the needed volume, provide the requested delivery method or alternative delivery methods, and provide the requested service level. DOCLINE will route the request to each of the randomly selected libraries until it is completed. By including FreeShare in your routing table, you can tap the collections and services of all libraries participating in FreeShare.

If you would like to be added to the FreeShare Library Group or if you have any questions about FreeShare, please contact the National DOCLINE Coordination Office (NDCO) at 410-706-4173 or by email.