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Last update: October 2020

Graphic Medicine

“Graphic Medicine is the intersection of the medium of comics and the discourse of healthcare.”
-Ian Williams, MD and cartoonist

National Library of Medicine Exhibition Program
The Exhibition Program strives to promote greater understanding and awareness of how the past informs the present and can shape the future. The online exhibition features a range of resources for educators and students, including lesson plans developed by classroom teachers for middle and high school courses, a higher education module developed by a scholar working in the discipline for undergraduate and graduate students and instructors, educational online activities, and additional resources.

Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived and Well-Drawn!
The NLM Exhibition Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived and Well-Drawn! explores an increasingly popular, yet little-known literary field that presents personal illness narratives and health information through the medium of comics. The exhibition showcases items from the NLM’s growing collection of graphic memoirs depicting people’s experiences with an array of health issues, including breast cancer, deafness, mental illness, HIV/AIDS, and more. Online educational resources include lessons plans on graphic medicine for grades 7-10 and college students.

NLM Traveling Exhibitions
Apply for an NLM Traveling Exhibition Each year, hundreds of libraries and cultural institutions across the U.S. and around the world host NLM traveling exhibitions. These roll–up displays present inspiring stories about history, society, and medicine drawn from the world–renowned collections of the NLM and help connect visitors to the NLM's trusted health information resources. They are available to host free of charge.

Graphic Medicine Collections Resources

NNLM Graphic Medicine Book Title List
A list of graphic medicine book titles organized by topic by NNLM.

A hub for graphic medicine news, reviews, an associated podcast, and an annual conference.

Spanish language sister site to graphicmedicine.org

NNLM Reading Club
Free book club kits including discussion and programming guides centered around various aspects of health information. Graphic medicine titles are included.

Annals Graphic Medicine
Annals of Internal Medicine-affiliated site which collects comics and graphics made by those who give and receive healthcare, aiming to address medically-relevant topics.

AMA Journal of Ethics Course
“Representations of Patients' Experiences of Autonomy in Graphic Medicine” is a 1-credit CME module created by the American Medical Association’s EdHub. Create an account to login and complete.

Graphic Novels & the Humanity of Mental Illness
An ALA-funded annotated bibliography of graphic novel titles which can be browsed by title or diagnosis.

A site with classroom-friendly graphic medicine content, including videos.

Graphic Medicine YouTube Playlist
A collection of graphic medicine webinars and videos.

Building Health Information Collections

Resources and book title and topic lists for building health information collections in public libraries.