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Surviving and Thriving: AIDS, Politics and Culture


The traveling exhibit, Surviving and Thriving: AIDS, Politics and Culture, is based on a book written in 1987 by and for people wth AIDS that insisted people could live with AIDS, not just die from it.   Jennifer Brier, the exhibition curator, explains that "centering the experience of people with AIDS in the exhibition allows us to see how critical they were, and continue to be, in the political and medical fight against HIV/AIDS."  Surviving and Thriving: AIDS, Politics and Culture presents their stories alongside those of others involved in the national AIDS crises.  

The traveling exhibit is available an English and Bilingual version.

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Exhibition Specification

Contents: Six banners and structure,  Each banner 7 ft. h x 3 ft. W

Size: 500-700 sq. ft.

Packing: Exhibition is packed in two plastic wheeled graphics tube (46 in. H x 19 in. W)

Shipping: Outgoing – cost estimate $300–$700

Booking Period: 6 weeks

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