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NACC Funding Guide

Funding Information for those interested in applying for funding or for those who have just been awarded funding.

How To: 

Quick Tips:


  • NNLM Online Applications System: brief tutorial explains the requirements for, and process of submitting an application in the NNLM online applications system.
  • Training Video for New Awardees: covers Invoicing and Activity Reports. (originally given as live training on June 30, 2020)
  • DRS How To Videos: learn about the NNLM Data Reporting System (DRS), including how to locate their Project, add reports, and upload participant data to their subaward activities.​

Applying for Funding

  • Start Early
  • Make sure your organization is a member of NNLM
  • Review the template, before submitting your actual proposal online
  • Follow Instructions
  • Check out past funded projects
  • Look for RFP Evaluation Resources on the NNLM Evaluation pages.
  • Contact NACC! They will have invaluable advice
  • Submit a draft at least 2 weeks before the deadline. We will offer feedback.
  • Contact the  NACC with any questions. We would like to hear from you!

Once You’ve Been Funded

  • Keep your Notice of Award and Memorandum of Agreement handy
  • Bookmark this Guide for future reference
  • Get to know your NACC Coordinator! They will be your point of contact during the project period.
  • Be prepared to provide regular updates that can be shared or be used future blog posts.
  • When doing outreach events, take photos that can be shared in future blog posts and social media.
  • Take note of participant feedback to tell your outreach story.
  • Contact the NACC office with any questions. We would like to hear from you!