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Prerequisites for attending a Moodle course at
by NN/LM-Moodle Support - Monday, October 19, 2015, 3:11 PM
  • A computer with Internet access (note that firewalls and spam filters can be problems).
  • A modern browser such as Internet Explorer (10+), FireFox (40+), Google Chrome (45+), or Microsoft Edge. Note that Internet Explorer 8 and 9 tend to run into significant issues that preclude the ability to participate in our courses, and these older versions of IE are no longer considered supportable.
  • We recommend that you set up your browser according to the NLM DOCLINE Browser Settings guidelines, which are designed to assure that interactive features will work.  Moodle needs Javascript and cookies to function properly.
  • Mobile and tablet devices may work, but a desktop system with one of the browsers mentioned above is much more likely to give a good user experience in the NN/LM Moodle.
  • You may need to obtain a registration key from the Instructor in order to enter your course.
  • Our automatic password resetting service relies on your ability to receive email from In some institutions, your password message might be sent to your "spam" folder, or may even be discarded if your email filter system is strict.  Check with your local technical support folks.  Contact your instructor if your password message is lost or fails to give you access to the Moodle.