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Citizen Science

Citizen Science is a scientific project that involves the public partnering with professionals in different aspects of research – from planning, to data collection, to analysis, to dissemination, and everything else in between. The NNLM MCR is exploring Citizen Science to learn more about this popular concept, identify how National Library of Medicine resources could benefit researchers, and promote ways that our network members can get involved. The NNLM supports citizen involvement in scientific research because it’s a great way to break down some of the barriers between researchers and the public and it also helps foster better understanding of data in this increasingly data driven world.

To promote network member involvement in citizen science, the MCR teamed up with the Middle Atlantic Region (NNLM MAR) to develop and teach a one-hour course titled "National Library of Medicine Resources for Citizen Scientists" that provides an in-depth background, resources, and program ideas.

National Library of Medicine resources like the Tox Town and Kids Environment Kids Health provide background information, easy to understand definitions, and links to more advanced information that could be very helpful for Citizen Scientists involved in environmental health projects. NLM also has resources that complement basic health, genetic, and chemical research.

Want to get involved in citizen science locally? The projects below are active in our region:


Colorado Spider Survey
Mountain Studies Institute
Rocky Mountain Field Institute - Ecological Restoration Monitoring​


Monarch Watch
KU Natural History Museum
Kansas Citizens for Science


The Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program
MO DIRT: Missourians Doing Impact Research Together
TrySci Community Bio Labs


Entomology Education Lab
The Nebraska Canid Project


Natural History Museum of Utah's Citizen Science Projects
Utah Water Watch
Wild Utah Project
Utah Firefly Citizen Science Project
Tracy Aviary


Rocky Mountain Citizen Science