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Online Tools for Evaluating Programs and Services


Valuing Library Services Calculator

Determining the value of resources and services provided by a library can be complicated and time consuming. Use this calculator to find out what a user would pay to get the same resources or services elsewhere in the event the library is no longer an option. The Cost/Benefit value of your services is updated as you enter statistics about the use of your library and resources.

CBA/ROI Calculator

How much benefit does your institution, your user, receive for every dollar spent by the library? What's the annual return your institution realizes on what you spend on your collection? Use this calculator to deteremine the Cost/Benefit ratio and Return on Investment of your collections.

Conducting Online Surveys

The options for conducting online surveys have grown exponentially. There are hundreds of companies to choose from, many offer very basic services for free and features increase as users subscribe at higher levels. Varous web sites offer reviews and comparisons. Try them but use your librarian skills when evaluating the review sites and also when looking at potential software. These are just a couple of the many possible online survey companies:

Online Survey Tools

Survey Monkey

Short surveys can be created and conducted at no charge on Survey Monkey. Offers unlimited number of surveys of up to 10 questions and 100 responses each. The site provides tools for managing lists of individuals who can take the survey and to analyze the results during and after the survey closes. More complex surveys and analyses are available for an annual fee or a reasonable monthly fee, payable only for the duration needed to conduct the survey and collect and analyze responses. Good help is available. This is the software used by the NN/LM MCR.

Snap Surveys

Founded in 1981, Snap Survey Software supports online, paper and mobile versions of a questionnaire and all your results can be combined into into one data set for analysis. The service team can design made-to-order surveys and manage the entire survey process.


Now a part of Survey Monkey.


Free and paid subscriptions available. The free version is fairly limited. There are 4 payment levels and tools and features become richer as subscription levels increase. The service team can design made-to-order surveys and manage the entire survey process. Paying annually rather than monthly nets a 10% savings. Nonprofit accounts receive a 25% discount on any annual plan.

Members are encouraged to contact their Coordinator, the Assessment and Evaluation Coordinator or the RML office with questions, concerns or for assistance in designing and conducting evaluation of their programs.

Contact us at rml@rml4.utah.edu or 801-587-3650 with questions or comments about the program or for assistance in designing evaluation criteria for outreach projects and activities.