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Measuring NN/LM MCR Impact in the Region

NLM and NN/LM MCR Goals

The National Library of Medicine sets forth three goals for all regions.

  • Develop collaborations among Network members and other organizations to improve access to and sharing of biomedical information resources throughout the nation
  • Develop, promote, and improve electronic access to health information by Network members, health professionals, and organizations providing health information to the public
  • Promote awareness of, access to, and use of biomedical information resources for health professionals and the public, with a particular emphasis on contributing to the Healthy People 2010 goal of eliminating health disparities

The NN/LM MCR established a fourth goal that reflects its commitment to understanding the impact of programs and services in the Region:

  • Understand how the products and services of the NN/LM and NLM contribute to improved access to health information by health professionals, and the public

NN/LM MCR Logic Model

The Region plans and monitors programs using outcomes based logic models and evaluation planning. The model is reviewed continuously and new plans are developed annually based on reports of work done by Coordinators in the Region. Each special project has its own logic model. Combining all project models provides an overall plan based on the goals of the Network of the National Library of Medicine and the Statement of Work submitted by the Region in its contract proposal.

Logic models are structured top down from the broadest goals and objectives, through desired outcomes, to planned activities. The evaluation plan builds on the logic model to define success - what evidence is needed to show that desired goals and outcomes have been achieved. The logic model for each project, for 2014-2015, can be viewed by clicking on the project:

Evaluating Regional Impact

A reporting system was developed to gather information about Coordinators' work in the Region. This system (ARS) is used to collect data on activities related to the Logic Model. Region staff review progress quarterly to ensure that work is on track and to catch any unanticipated needs and opportunities that may arise. Adjustments can be made to planned activities to eusure that Coordinators are aware of and actively working for the best interests of Network members and the NN/LM program.

Member Input

The Region also solicits input through questionnaires and focus groups from Network members and others whom we reach with our programs . Reports of the results of the full membership questionnaires and focus groups with members and public librarians are posted on the site in the Member Input section.