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Valuing Library Services Calculator

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What is your library worth to your institution?

How much would it cost to replace your library services on the retail market? Calculate what it would cost to buy library services - at a book store, through pay per view for articles, from an information broker - if you and your library weren't there.

  • Enter annual library budget and the number of months of statistics you are using.
  • Enter in the number of times your library's services are used for those months.
  • Either use the estimated retail cost - not your library cost - provided for each service or change it to reflect your area or library. Check Valuation - Explained to learn more about this.
  • Add up to 3 additional resources or services provided by your library that are not included in this form
  • As you enter data the retail value of each service will be calculatedĀ and the return for every dollar spent will be displayed.
  • The total value of your library services is shown at the bottom of the form.
  • Tip: Tab between entries.
  • Feel free to download this Excel spreadsheet version of this same calculator.

Library Statistics
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