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Hospital Librarian's Power Toolkit


The Hospital Librarian's Power Toolkit is a collection of quick reference materials on business practices for the hospital librarian. It contains original content plus links to materials that you can use to:

Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and Promotion: Implementing a markeing and promotion plan in your library gives you the evidience to determine what your users want and need, adjust your programming accordingly and then tell your users what services and resources you have available, and how you can help them. Marketing and Promotion should be regular activities in your library. These are the activities that allow you to stay in touch with your users and increase your visibility.


Statistics: Collecting and using statistics in a meaningful way is critical to conveying accurate information about your library operation. Librarians must continue to think about which statistics they collect, why they collect those numbers, and how to use them to represent the intended message.


Finance: Finance issues in libraries are concerned with managing the money allocated to library programs, services and staff. These issues include understanding the value of your statistics in money terms and budgeting for both short and long-term goals.

Analyzing Journal Value


Networking: Connecting with professional colleagues is a foundation piece of a successful librarian's work. Librarians need to be connected with other professionals in their institutions, including physicians, nurses, administrators and many others. Librarians also need to be connected with other librarians. How you interact with librarians in other institutions and professional organizations can add a great value to your professional experience and education.

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