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Breezing Along with the RML: RML Updates

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, MidContinental Region (NN/LM MCR) hosts a free monthly webinar that features presentations on our goals, activities, accomplishments, or resources. We may ask about your experiences or your opinions. We may encourage you to take action, offer a new service, or try a new technology. Every month will be different. Registration is required.

When: Held 3rd Wednesday, Monthly, 10am MT / 11am CT

Previous Sessions

November 16, 2016 MCR Takes on reddit

The MCR coordinators love to share authoritative, free health information resources, and we decided to extend that love to the reddit discussion community. reddit is a hugely popular aggregate linking website with over 1.3 million unique visitors per day. Because the service is so gigantic, users create communities called “subreddits” to help organize the content by area of interest or topics (sounds like a librarian’s handiwork!). MCR decided to jump in and tackle questions posted to a few of the health-related communities. If you attend this session (and we hope you do), you will find out how we did, what communities got the most love from us, what resources were most helpful, and what we learned in the process. PRESENTER: Dana Abbey.

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October 19, 2016

During the ‘80s the U.S. federal agencies started pushing collaborative research among universities. Since then technology has advanced and collaborations have increased so that solo researchers are hardly ever encountered. Advances in technology also led to instrumentation providing data in electronic format. Researchers found themselves in a hybrid world working with both print and electronic formats. Across the nation - actually the world - librarians have stepped-up to learn about the issues and develop programs to assist researchers in the changing world of research. This talk will present some of the initiatives developed by librarians. Speaker: Daureen Nesdill, Marriott Library, University of Utah

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September 21, 2016

Public libraries are uniquely situated to play a key role in improving community health, and there are many ways to leverage existing  resources and services to address health and wellness. This presentation will highlight successful consumer health services and community partnerships in two public libraries in Kansas. In addition to sharing ideas for programs and activities, we will also discuss how public librarians and medical librarians can work together to help meet the community’s health information needs. Put on your thinking caps, and come prepared to join in the conversation! This session is for anyone interested in consumer health outreach, and partnerships between libraries and community organizations. Speakers: April Roy, Director, The Bluford Branch Library; Lissa Staley, Health Information Librarian, Topeka & Shawnee County Library

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August 17, 2016

Altmetrics is a measure of the visibility of scholarly works utilizing online tools, particularly social media. But how does it differ from citation counts for example, one common measure of research impact?  And are there other ways to use altmetrics for library services? Dr. Lilian Hoffecker will present an overview of altmetrics comparing them to other metrics, and provide examples on how researchers and librarians utilize them. Dr. Sarah Sutton will present an overview of the results of recent research conducted with a team of librarians, vendors, and LIS educators related to academic librarians’ and academic faculties’ familiarity with and use of altmetrics in the conduct of their regular duties in collection development, assessment, and scholarly communication support.

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July 20, 2016

Librarians Involved in EHRs: This session features three librarians--Erica Lake, University of Utah; Kelsey Leonard, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Meghan Evans, Geisinger Health System--discuss opportunities and challenges for librarians to be involved in supporting clinical care through Electronic Health Record Systems. Panelists will discuss their current projects, how their library got involved with their EHR, and suggestions for how viewers can start a similar process at their own institutions.

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June 15, 2016

New RML Projects for 2016-2021: We have some exciting changes and new projects and funding opportunities to share with you. Learn about the new National Network of Libraries of Medicine national offices, and planned outreach through the MidContinental Region project areas.

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