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Vol 11 No 2 – October 2012

American Association for the History of Medicine 2012

John S. Schleicher
McGoogan Library of Medicine
Omaha, Nebraska


With the support of a Professional Development Award from the NN/LM MidContinental Region, I was able to attend the 85th annual meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine, held April 26-29, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland. Attendees at the conference come from a wide range of backgrounds and from various professions related to the health sciences. Those attending also have many and varied historical interests related to the history of medicine and the other health professions, as well as public health history.

Among the various individuals attending the conference were academic historians, medical professionals, archivists and librarians who work in the history of the health sciences, as well as graduate students from all of these disciplines. As an example of the wide-range of those interested in the history of medicine and public health who attend the conference, at the opening reception I met sisters, one of whom is a history professor at Rutgers University specializing in the history of medicine; while the other is an obstetrician/gynecologist, who is interested in the history of her own area of medical specialization. (more…)

Diagnostic Error Training

Diagnostic error is a significant factor in patient harm and increased medical costs ( A free class — on how multidisciplinary teams contribute to the reduction of diagnostic error. Class focus is on evidence-based processes and the impact of librarians.

November 15, 2012
Room LL05 – Health Sciences and Human Services Library
University of Maryland Baltimore
9 am – 4pm

Session content will cover:

  • Team-oriented approaches to understanding the role of information and evidence in the diagnostic process.
  • Case analysis and discussion of bias.
  • Partnering of librarians/informationists with clinical staff to strategize improvements
  • Application of failure analysis techniques to explore system and process improvement.
  • Design of evidence sharing innovations to reduce diagnostic error.
  • Strategies for implementation of proposed projects.

Multi-disciplinary teams from organizations are encouraged to attend. MLA CE credits will be provided.

Register for this class at

Book Review: The Accidental Library Marketer

Jayne Williams
Columbia, Missouri

book cover

Marketing is pertinent in the library profession today, but many librarians who have inadvertently found themselves as their library’s marketer are not engaged in the true marketing process. In an effort to fill the gap in librarians’ education, The Accidental Library Marketer, by Kathy Dempsey, presents the process of true marketing and provides the knowledge and basics of marketing as it applies to libraries. Dempsey is a writer, editor, consultant, and passionate library advocate. She holds a degree in Journalism from Temple University and has years of experience working in libraries and publishing companies. Since 1994 Dempsey has been the sole editor of the Marketing Library Services (MLS) newsletter, published by Information Today, Inc. The MLS newsletter covers related topics in addition to marketing such as advocacy, fundraising, promotion, public relations, and outreach. The Accidental Library Marketer introduces the concept that the library profession should start thinking of libraries as businesses. (more…)

New Look and Content for, the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) Web-based registry and results database of clinical research studies, has a new look and new content. Launched in 2000, the site has not had a major redesign since 2007.

Visitors to the site will find new style and content from the homepage, to conducting a search, to general navigation of the site.

The redesigned homepage features a new menu bar and users can access trends, charts and maps for statistical information, as well as information on clinical alerts and advisories. Site visitors can use the new menu bar from any page on the site to access five areas of content on the site. For researchers there is a section for managing study records with information on how to register and submit results. (more…)