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MCR Membership Update

Through the years NN/LM MidContinental Region has had a diverse institutional membership including hospitals; academic health sciences institutions; special and public libraries; and information centers. More recently we’ve had a surge in K-12 school and community college libraries joining the Network.

We currently have 371 member institutions including both Affiliate members and Full members. What’s the difference between the two? The primary difference is that Full members use the DOCLINE System and follow the NN/LM Resource Sharing Plan For more detailed information on each membership category please click here

We can think of membership numbers in several ways, so here’s a simple breakdown of the current membership:

Institution Type Membership Number
  Academic   Full 40
  Academic   Affiliate 56
  Hospital   Full 83
  Hospital   Affiliate 43
  Public   Affiliate 98
  Other   Full 16
  Other   Affiliate 29
  Total 371

State libraries from every state in our region are also NN/LM members. They all fall in the public library membership category and all are Affiliate members. State coordinators are working with their state libraries to make health information more accessible to the public. Activities have included co-presenting on the Affordable Care Act, posting NN/LM sponsored instructional videos on state libraries’ websites, submitting articles to state library newsletters and/or blogs, sending announcements about upcoming NN/LM activities, funding, or training via their state libraries’ email discussion lists.

In the last few years the NN/LM has implemented new outreach initiatives to K-12 schools and community colleges. K-12 schools are included in the “Other” membership category. We currently have nine K-12 schools as Affiliate members. The NLM Specialized Information Services has developed several excellent resources for schools and a goal is to have schools use those resources in their curricula. In 2012, the NN/LM setup a task force to support community college outreach for “improved health information access in community colleges…” with the ultimate outcome of more students and faculty using NLM resources. In response, to the K-12 and community college initiatives, one of the MCR’s goals has been to enroll at least four libraries in each of those categories every contract year. During the past two years, we have met that goal and will continue that pace of recruitment.

During the 2013-2014 contract year, we had 18 new members enroll in the NN/LM MidContinental Region:

  Library   State
  Mancos Public Library   Colorado
  Pueblo Community College   Colorado
  Pikes Peak Community College   Colorado
  Standley Lake Library   Colorado
  Otero Junior College   Colorado
  Lamar Community College   Colorado
  Baden Branch Library   Missouri
  North Central Missouri College   Missouri
  Southwest Baptist University   Missouri
  Vatterott College – Omaha   Nebraska
  Providence Medical Center   Nebraska
  Central Nebraska Community Services   Nebraska
  Central Health Center   Nebraska
  Mountain Crest High School   Utah
  Wilson Elementary School   Utah
  Clearfield Job Corps   Utah
  Ben Lomond High School Library   Utah
  White Mountain Library   Wyoming

Congratulations to all these new members! If you would like to see your library’s listing in the NN/LM Member Directory, or are curious about local members, click here

Is all your contact information correct? Please review your library’s information and let us know if a name or address needs an update!

– Jim Honour, Member Services/Wyoming Coordinator

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