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Promoting My Library:

or How a New Librarian Can Get Involved!

Angela Spencer
St. Luke’s Hospital
Chesterfield, Missouri

As a new staff member at St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield, Missouri, I have been trying to market the library. Here are a few of the things I have done:

  • Had the graphics department redo my brochure and then distributed to floors
  • Got involved in committees – Institutional Review Board (IRB), Evidence Based Practice (EBP)
  • Went to tumor board, grand rounds, stroke conference, etc.
  • Asked various departments if I could talk at their staff meeting and tell them about library services
  • Published articles in the hospital newsletter
  • Went to morning report and supported the residents in finding articles
  • Put brochures in the physician’s lounge
  • Sent links to articles of interest to key people

For committees I looked at the daily calendar to see if something caught my eye and then asked the chair if I could be a part of it.

The IRB has been a learning experience for me. I look over what is being researched and read consent forms to see if a layperson would understand them. I have also followed up with research on a couple topics , for example, the status of a drug that has not received FDA approval.

For the EBP committee, I provide searches or articles on specific topics, (such as best practices for suprapubic catheters, heart pacing wires, etc.) ask questions, or just listen. I also did a presentation for the committee on EBP resources and working with the committee to develop a class on search techniques for EBP.

All of the departments have been very receptive to my outreach, but the PT/OT and the Clinical Education departments have definitely been the most eager and asked for literature searches on evidence based practice, stroke, and guidelines. I am still trying to find a way to reach out to the nurses on the floors effectively.

I make an effort to go to morning report and support the residents if they need assistance in finding an article to present. The morning report is usually a randomized control trial or clinical trial with an analysis. Sometimes the residents request an article we do not own, or ask if I can recommend an article to present. (I try to glance at journals and TOCs to see if there is something of interest.) I have also taught a couple basic search sessions. Currently I try to send either TOCs or links to articles that may be of interest, keeping track of articles presented and asking them for feedback on apps, books, and journals.

I promoted my new catalog at the medical staff meeting and leadership meeting. I have started sending out a letter to new physicians and staff members about the library. Future plans include holding a library open house and beginning to participate in rounding. While not everything has worked, overall feedback has been positive and statistics for literature searches, article requests, and online resources are up from the previous years.

My new slogan is “Providing the best information to help you provide the best care.”

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