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MedPrint: Saving the last print copies together

As more and more libraries began transitioning to digital collections there arose a growing concern about preserving the printed copy. Organizations such as the Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST) and the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), in the Midwest , organized to establish print repository consortia. The National Library of Medicine built upon the National Network of Libraries Medicine and in 2011 inaugurated MedPrint, a national medical serials print retention program.

What are we saving?

To refresh your memory, MedPrint focuses on 250 core clinical journals, seeking to obtain commitments from at least 12 libraries in the Network to hold on to the full run of a title for 25 years, which will take us into 2036. The National Library of Medicine will hold the 13th copy for each of the 250 titles.

National participation

To date libraries have committed to preserve 244 of the 250 titles. You can see this list at titles have reached the goal of 12 commitments. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine is being held by 20 libraries, more than for any other title. Six titles, two that started in the 1800’s, have found no libraries that are prepared to ensure their print survival…yet. The list of titles with no commitments is available at

In the MidContinental Region

Here in the MidContinental Region we have a few participants. Two Resource Libraries, Creighton University Health Sciences Library and University of Wyoming Libraries, signed agreements to officially retain selected print journal titles. Three additional libraries in the region have marked in DOCLINE the titles that they are willing to retain, however agreements with NLM have not yet been signed. DOCLINE shows that 60 titles held by these five libraries will be retained until 2036.

Consider participating

1.   Review all the documentation on the MedPrint web site. (

 2.   Change the DOCLINE record for each of the titles.

Check your holdings against the list of titles. In the DOCLINE record for each of the titles you will retain go the Adding Format screen. 

MedPrint Screen Shot

Change the completeness field from “N/A or Limited Retention” to “Complete (95%-100% held).”

MedPrint Screen Shot

Click the radio button for holding the title for the National Print Retention program.

MedPrint Screen Shot

3.   Sign or have the MedPrint agreement signed. It is available on the MedPrint web site.

PAPR (Print Archives Preservation Registry)

The latest development is MedPrint’s participation in PAPR. PAPR is a product of the Center for Research Libraries. It is a database with information about titles, holdings, and archiving terms and conditions of major print archiving programs. When you sign the agreement to participate in MedPrint, your holdings for these titles will be made available beyond the health sciences library world through PAPR.

For more information on MedPrint you can view a recording by Martha Fishel, Chief of NLM’s Public Services Division, November 2012 ( or consult with your state coordinator.

–Claire Hamasu, Associate Director

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