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Save Time and Money with EFTS

Does your library participate in DOCLINE and is your staff growing weary of writing checks to lending libraries to cover the fees or are they weary of billing borrowing libraries? Could your staff use some relief? We have a solution!!

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Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) is used by 1,403 DOCLINE participants to streamline the billing process, mainly by reducing the paperwork in each interlibrary loan transaction. The service became operational in 1996 and is a collaboration between the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the University of Connecticut Health Center. The NN/LM MidContinental Region (MCR) wholeheartedly supports EFTS use, with 78 MCR libraries currently enrolled.

Our goal this year is to have five new members enroll before May 1, 2013.  We congratulate Logan College of Chiropractic Library in Chesterfield, Missouri for being the newest EFTS member from the MCR!

Here are some advantages for using EFTS.

  •   It’s FREE!
  •   Reduces paperwork and human error
  •   Streamlines the billing process
  •   Generates regular statements
  •   Reduces ILL costs and increases return on investment
  •   User friendly
  •   Enthusiastic support staff
  •   EFTS-L listserv assists members

Do you want to know what members are saying about the service?

Are you are ready to get started and want to know how to enroll? It takes just a few steps at:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Jolanta Sliwinski, Program Coordinator,

-Jim Honour, Wyoming/Member Services Coordinator

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