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Up and Coming Plans for Year 2

Doesn’t $1.3 million sound like a lot of money to spend? I used to think so, but since budgeting for the NN/LM MidContinental Region, I’ve been amazed at how quickly it goes. In addition to funding the Resource Libraries in each state to provide you with a coordinator as your go-to person and leadership for regional projects, what else are you getting for this money?

National Initiatives

Four national initiatives are in the planning stages for the NN/LM. Over the next 4 years, the Regional Medical Library programs will be focusing on outreach to community colleges and K-12. The RMLs will work together to support the adoption of MedlinePlus Connect into electronic medical records and promote the use of Updates will be published as plans for these initiatives are finalized.

CBO Connectivity Project

We are doing a pilot project with three community based organizations (CBO). HealthStreet and Healthy Babies Program in Missouri and the La Gente Program in Colorado. They will explore the use of iPads in their work processes including delivering health information as they provide services to clientele in the field. This may sound familiar to you. We would like to see how community providers use the iPad just as we investigated how medical librarians used the iPad, in our iTest iPad project.

Consider: Professional Development Opportunities

To build your knowledge about knowledge transfer, plan to participate in the journal club that Barb Jones, Missouri/Library Advocacy Coordinator will be organizing. The date has not yet been decided. Building on the journal club, the MCR will co-sponsor a knowledge transfer workshop taught by Lorri Zipperer and Becky Steward. They are a great team and have been holding these workshops in several regions over the past few years, including our own in 2007. The NN/LM MCR and the NN/LM Greater Midwest Region are partnering to bring Ms. Zipperer and Ms. Steward back for a reprise of their successful workshop. If you want to build your knowledge sharing skills, be thinking about a project to do in your hospital and the person from another department who would help you implement it. The workshop will be held in February  2013 for a hospital team made up of the librarian and partner. Although not required, we recommend that if you are serious about getting involved in knowledge sharing, knowledge transfer, or knowledge management, that you take advantage of both opportunities, the journal club and the workshop.

Also in February or March 2013, the NN/LM MCR will be collaborating with the NN/LM Pacific Northwest Region to sponsor another e-science event. The e-science forum will build on the e-science events held earlier this year at the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library. The event will take place in Seattle and Salt Lake City. This e-science event is also a test of the use of collaborative technologies for holding successful conferences. Presenters will be divided between both sites. Presenters at one site will have their presentations broadcast to the other. Participants and presenters will be able to interact with their counterparts at the other location. We hope you’ll plan to attend to learn more about what is happening in e-science and also help us test a new way of presenting a conference.

We’ll be working with Pat Wagner, who many of you know from taking one her classes at MLA or the class she presented in the region, “Marketing as if Your Library Depended on it.” Ms. Wagner is an excellent instructor, motivator, and supporter of librarians, especially health sciences librarians. Ms. Wagner will be teaching a series of workshops to improve skills to run libraries in a business-like manner. Help us determine the content of these workshops that will best suit your needs. We’ll be asking for your input on the MCR news blog. Stay tuned.

Don’t forget the MCR’s Professional Development Award. You can apply for funding to attend any of the events listed above. The criteria and how to apply is available here. (

We will continue our monthly webinars: “Breezing Along with the RML” to keep you informed of RML activities and “Spotlight! On NLM Resources” to offer hands-on learning sessions which can earn you MLA continuing education credits.

Training Health Professionals Stipend

Need an excuse to get out of the library? The NN/LM MCR will again be offering training and a stipend for you to exhibit and/or present at a health professional conference. It is a lot of fun to attend a health professional meeting and learn about the progress of medicine while mingling with providers. It is also fun to surprise health care professionals in the exhibit hall who wonder what you are selling and be seen as an expert as you share your knowledge of authoritative free health resources. By exhibiting and presenting you have the opportunity to advocate for the profession by explaining to providers the value that librarians bring to the work that they do.

Network Member Questionnaire

It is that time in the contract that the NN/LM MCR takes a look at what is happening with the baseline characteristics of our health sciences library membership such as staffing, collections, services. It is also the time to identify trends and track trends that appeared in past results. Yes, if you are the director of a health sciences library, the Network Member Questionnaire will be distributed to you this year. The analysis of the data helps us and NLM understand what is occurring in the region, validates or makes questionable information we’ve received through other means and as always, is used in determining what services and programs the NN/LM MCR will implement in the region. As budgets are reduced feedback data becomes more important to help us be an effective Regional Medical Library program.

Those are the highlights for this year that started in May 2012 and will end in April 2013. We hope you agree that it is money well allocated.

-Claire Hamasu, Associate Director

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