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What does the DOCLINE Coordinator do?

Tugger - Docline mascot puppyNOTE: This article was written with the idea of educating the newer Network full member about the role of the Member Services Coordinator and some highlights about resource sharing. I know many of you reading this have years of experience and already know most of the content in this article but if you continue reading, you may learn something too.

By the end of March 2012, the MidContinental Region had 150 Full members and 190 Affiliate members. Despite the fact that fewer than half the member libraries in our region are DOCLINE users, the demand for support is still strong. DOCLINE users in all the NN/LM regions, as seen in the table below, total 2,370 libraries (including the U.S. and it possessions).






Middle Atlantic


Southeastern Atlantic


Greater Midwest


South Central


Pacific Northwest


Pacific Southwest


New England




Armed Forces Libraries Europe, Africa, and  Middle East



Every NN/LM Region also has a staff member who monitors the DOCLINE/Resource Sharing activity and is available to assist members with problems encountered with the primary document delivery system or the other ancillary systems. The job title and job description of a coordinator vary from region to region, but the common threads for all are: coordinating DOCLINE activity, serving as representatives for the Electronic Funds Transfer System (EFTS )- , providing support for LinkOut users —, managing membership trends/activities (for both full and affiliated members) in their respective regions and providing training on DOCLINE and related services.

All coordinators attend monthly DOCLINE meetings to receive updates from the DOCLINE team and share any of their or members’ experiences with DOCLINE or LoansomeDoc ( Likewise they attend quarterly update meetings with the leadership of  EFTS and LinkOut. If a Network/ DOCLINE coordinator attends the Medical Library Association conference, they are likely to participate in the RML Directors Meeting, meet with coordinators from other project areas, and gather in a breakout session with the all the Network/DOCLINE Coordinators.

The MCR Member Services Coordinator is always available to answer members’ questions about or help with solving problems with DOCLINE or its ancillary services. One awesome service that the MCR provides for DOCLINE users, across the country,  is a quarterly training series. Each session attracts many users.

The DOCLINE online series are promoted on the DOCLINE-L Email Discussion List, and on the MCR Calendar . You are also more than welcome to contact me, or your state coordinator, with questions about any of the services mentioned here!

-Jim Honour, Member Services/Wyoming Coordinator

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