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MCR Communication Plan

Image of the word communicate spelled out on a game boardThe NN/LM MCR is constantly assessing and responding to Network member needs by tweaking the services it provides or creating new ones. Probably the most important and complicated area the MCR has assessed is the way we communicate with our members. It is complicated because there are so many ways to communicate (snail mail, email, Facebook, LinkedIn, television, Tweets, blogs, RSS, in-person, via telephone, webinars, podcasts, osmosis, telepathy… the list goes on and on) and everyone has their own communication preferences. Some will only use one, maybe two of these tools whereas some like to use a three or four, while there are some crazed multi-tasking-enabled savants (a.k.a. crazed Mu-Ta-nts) who use a five or more of these throughout the day.

The MCR recently completed the analysis of a communication audit we conducted with our members. It was very enlightening. We separated what we heard from you into two categories:

You want…

  • Health information content focused on services we provide that help keep your skills as librarians sharp along with information you can rebrand and push to your users.
  •  Information parsed to you in different amounts so that you can manage how and when you access information coming from us.

You DON’T want…

  • To read-hear-watch the exact same thing twice on any of the different communication tools you use.

(Note: This is an extremely brief interpretation of the audit. You are strongly encouraged to read the entire 2011 NN/LM MCR Communication Audit Report or read the article Finding Out How to Communicate Better within the MCR .)

Image of communication devices - computer, phone, sattelite

Feeling pretty good about having an understanding of what our members want from us, we have developed a communication plan. We will be using seven communication tools (unfortunately telepathy is not one of them…we were promised that an app for this will be available next year). Each will allow our members to control when, how much, and where they receive information from us. Most of the tools are tools we have been using for years but they will be used slightly differently. Some are new to us.

We also heard that Network members want to interact with the messages we send out. This means members will be able to: easily rebrand what we send and share with their patrons; join/contribute to conversations with their colleagues; and rate the usefulness of the content. Members interacting with the information we push out indicates to us that the information was important or relevant enough to engage with us and other Network members.

Here’s an overview of the use of our communication tools:

Web site
• MCR programs and special project areas
• Webinar archives
• Events

NN/LM MCR Listserv (Weekly)
• Links to more information
• Important MCR related announcements
• Breaking health information related news
• Appropriate messages based on profile
• Subscriber(s) from each Network member institution

Facebook (Daily)
• Invites discussion, knowledge sharing, feedback, etc.

Twitter (2-3 x Daily)
• Very short messages
• Links to more information
• Ideas to share (Retweet)

NN/LM MCR News Blog (Daily)
• Links to more information
• New posts delivered weekly via NN/LM MCR Listserv

Bringing Health Information to the Community BHIC Blog (Daily)
• Links to more information
• Primary audience is community based organizations (CBO) and those serving CBOs

Plains to Peaks Post (Quarterly)
• Articles on special projects, reports from members, etc.

The NN/LM MCR hopes that our Network members and others who read our messages will appreciate this plan on using different media for different messages. If not, we REALLY would like you to tell us how we can better communicate with you.

-John Bramble, Technology Coordinator

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