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Who will have the last print copy of our core medical journals? If MedPrint is successful, 13 DOCLINE libraries will have the last print copies. The National Library of Medicine has developed a collaborative plan for DOCLINE libraries all across the country to commit to preserving print copies of 250 Abridged Index Medicus® and PubMed Central® titles for 25 years; that is until 2036. If you are a DOCLINE library and have any of the titles in your collection, you could be one of the twelve libraries. The National Library of Medicine is committed to holding the 13th copy.

NLM has established a web site to provide you with criteria for participation, the directions on how to participate, and the list of the 250 serial titles.

Do you have to have a complete run of the title?

Yes, from the first published volume until 2000, if the title remained the same for the whole time. If there were title changes, you need to have a complete volume run for the title. For example Archives of Physical Therapy became Archives of Physical Medicine in 1945. If your subscription started with the Archives of Physical Medicine, you may commit to holding Archives of Physical Medicine (1945-1952), but you do not have to commit to Archives of Physical Therapy (1926-1944).

What if you didn’t bind the whole volume?

Many of us got rid of covers, ads, and other content when we bound our serials. At this time, NLM is only accepting holdings into the program, if all of the serial parts are available.

Is NLM expecting you to take special care of these print titles?

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Yes. The program is meant to preserve the print volumes. As a participant in the program, your MedPrint volumes should be housed in moderate and stable levels of temperature and humidity. The facility should have fire suppression, smoke detection and building security systems. NLM also recommends that you have a disaster response and recovery plan.

How do you participate?

There’s an agreement that an authorized representative from your institution and NLM will sign. You will identify the titles and holdings you are committed to preserve. Your DOCLINE record for the titles and holdings must be updated to indicate your commitment. Your state coordinator can help you with this.

What’s your first step?

Review the list of titles on the MedPrint web site and compare it with your DOCLINE holdings to determine whether you have any titles to contribute. Participation is totally voluntary.

Contact your State Coordinator, if you have questions.

-Claire Hamasu, Associate Director

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