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4 PubMed Enhancements

NLM announced four new enhancements for Pubmed:

  1. Conflict of Interest statements, when supplied by the publisher, are available below the abstract.
  2. Editorial Expression of Concern, formerly in comments, will be explicitly labeled in the abstract display. Expressions of concern are used to raise awareness that the article may be unreliable due to a possible problem. The Council of Science Editors has a more complete definition of the phrase.
  3. The Per Page menu  (number of citations per page) now  appears at the top of the results list.
  4. Wording for the status tag “PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE” will now read “Indexed for MEDLINE.” The Abstract display in PubMed will include a status tag only if the citation is indexed for MEDLINE. To see additional status tags view the MEDLINE and XML displays.

For more information and to see examples of these changes see the NLM Technical Bulletin Mar-Apr 2017 issue.  /ch

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