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Annual Report: How MCR Staff Spent Our 2013-2014 Year

I’m sure you’ve heard us recommend writing an annual report to show your value. We practice what we preach and do one every year for the National Library of Medicine our funding agency. We also do it for you our constituency. You can read our annual report for 2013-2014 on our web site.  Our highlights from last year were:

  • Contract Site Visit:  NLM pulled together a team to review activities of the region. The site visit report was very complimentary and you can read what they said in our report.
  • Bringing Health Information to the Community blog questionnaire: We assessed who was subscribing to the blog and their interests.  Find out who’s reading this blog and their favorite subjects in our report.
  • Training and Presentations: This year MCR offered 82 in-person and online classes reaching 1,543 participants. Ten training sessions were recorded and viewed by  823 people. Twelve presentations were recorded and received 515 views.
  • Expert Health Search: Barb Jones, Missouri/Library Advocacy Coordinator, worked closely with the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine to develop this national program. Patients are offered literature searches and information and information delivery by health sciences librarians.
  • Funding: The MCR funded 4 members  for professional development award; 2 members received EFTS subsidies; 3 CBOs received an iPad and data services to successfully increase their information access out in the community.
  • Mission I’mPossible: We initiated the Mission I’mPossible game and recruited 15 agents to play. /ch

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