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Announcing: a NEW way to connect with NN/LM MCR Staff – Online Office Consults

Beginning this week (Tuesday, August 12, 2014) the folks at the NN/LM MCR will be offering a new way to connect with them by offering online consultation services. MCR staff have created online offices where you can go and meet with them to talk about pretty much anything under the sun or on something in their work expertise (or hobby) area.

We know what you’re thinking…you have always been able to connect with MCR staff just by picking up the phone or by shooting them an email, but can a phone or an email share a live view of a webpage (either yours or theirs), download a document right there and then, or see how messy John’s office is? NO! We didn’t think so! Go check out our staff webpage  and see the many expertise areas of our staff.

Some examples of what we can help with…

Claire says she can help you with: making the most of the services and resources available rom the NN/LM MCR; focus groups by the book or what corners can be shaved and still get results; and if you’re a solo librarian and want to speak to someone who understands librarian-ese, or maybe you have a wild idea (or not so wild idea) and want a second opinion.

Marty says she can help you with: how to make education fun and interactive; using course management software (e.g. Moodle, MoodleRooms, Blackboard, etc); improving business skills, such-as communications, project management, and software tools (e.g. Microsoft Office Suite, search engines, etc.); NLM online databases (PubMed, MedlinePlus, NIH Senior Health, PhPartners, etc.) and of course any of her hobbies related to reading, walking, genealogy, cooking, etc.

Dana would really like to help with: developing community partnerships; issues surrounding health information literacy; supporting public health efforts; and how to get your MLA Consumer Health Information Specialization certification.

Jim can help you with: everything DOCLINE-EFTS-LINKOUT-Loansome Doc; online instruction; NLM Databases (especially consumer health/education); and Emergency Preparedness.

Rachel would like to help you with NLM databases and mobile apps, search engines,  desktop computing tools including Microsoft Office Suite and Web 2.0 apps, increasing internet access to restricted resources, and electronic health records and patient education.  She’s also available if you want to discuss photography, folk music, or have an online hammered dulcimer lesson.

Barb knows a lot about: identifying library value unique to your institution; developing better business skills; how to conduct marketing and promotion efforts; finding the return on investment for your library; issues surrounding patient safety and diagnostic error; NLM resources; and issues around health information literacy. And if you have similar hobbies, such as: knitting; stained glass, reading books

John will talk your ears off, if you let him, on: gaming in adult learning; NN/LM resources and services; NLM databases; website design and online communication tools use/implementation; desktop computing tools (e.g. MS Office products, Web 2.0 apps); and mobile (Apple Products) Devices and app management/use. John also has his hobbies he likes to talk about, like: welding metal together in interesting ways; cooking for others; whitewater rafting; alpine skiing; and digging in garden.

Contact John Bramble,, if you have any comments or questions about any of the above.


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