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DOCLINE: Best Practices for Users

DOCLINE users have many options when it comes to  supporting best practices.  The NN/LM has compiled guidelines  and etiquette to help users keep the system running smoothly and efficiently DOCLINE Best Practices for Users .   Here are some of the important guidelines for users:

1. Update your institutional record.  This needs to be done at least once a year.  Your staffing,  lending/borrowing policies and services offered may change during the year.

2. Review and update your Serial Holdings at least once a year.  We all know that holdings are not static.  It’s contingent upon the user to keep their holdings up to date so that borrowers may have an accurate knowledge of available resources.

3.  Review and update your Routing Tables.  Make sure that you remove closed libraries from your table.  Some times libraries terminate their use of DOCLINE, but still keep their NN/LM memberships.  Remove any libraries, from your routing table, with “Not a DOCLINE Library” designation. This practice will enable the algorithm to be quicker with  find lending libraries.

4.  Always use the Out of Office Planner  if your library will not be staffed.  DOCLINE users must have staff available to receive requests in a timely manner.  But, if your staff needs to be away for holidays, vacations, etc.,   it’s easy to submit a request to put your account on hold.

5. The MCR has the goal for every library to fill 75% of requests sent them.  You may want assistance if you consistently cannot meet the fill rate goal.  Your state coordinator or the MCR Member Service Coordinator are available to help .  MCR Coordinators

6. Use the Electronic Funds Transfer System (EFTS.)  This practice reduces billing errors, speeds up processing and is a good return on investment.

DOCLINE best practices will boost your library’s performance and make you a star in the the resource sharing world!  [jh]

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