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NIH News in Health – March 2013

Check out the March issue of NIH News in Health, the monthly newsletter bringing you practical health news and tips based on the latest NIH research. In this edition:

Keep Your Kidneys Healthy
Catch Kidney Disease Early
Your kidneys are small, but they help keep you healthy. If you have a kidney problem, you might not realize it until you have permanent damage. Learn how to take care of your kidneys and catch problems early.
Read more about keeping kidneys healthy.

Soothing a Sore Throat
What To Do When Your Throat Hurts

We’ve all had sore throats around this time of year. Your throat feels scratchy and may hurt when you swallow. How can you soothe a sore throat? And when is it a sign of a more serious infection?
Read more about sore throats.

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