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iPad and Innovations in Patient Education

I have had several Network members ask about recent literature on the iPad and innovations in patient education, so I thought I would share the information:

  1. Lydia Witman (2012): Hospital Clinicians’ iPad Use: An Interim Report, Medical, Reference Services Quarterly, 31:4, 433-438. Abstract: An increasing number of hospital libraries are supporting the use of tablet computers such as iPads for access to information resources. To date, this adoption of tablets is not supported by high-quality research evidence. This article provides an interim report on a formal study of clinicians’ use of iPads in the hospital setting, currently being conducted at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. Other hospital librarians may wish to consider similar factors when beginning to support the use of tablet computers at their own institutions.
  2. Don’t get left behind: iPads making strong inroads with patient education. Patient Education Management. (May 1, 2011). Abstract: Patient education managers must stay abreast of the latest technology for delivering patient education to involve the learner and provide individualizing teaching to meet the needs of the learner, says Fran London, MS, RN, a health education specialist at The Emily Center, Phoenix (AZ) Children’s Hospital. “Technology can do both,” she says. “The key is knowing your audience and using appropriate technology to reach that audience.” The use of iPads for teaching is one of the most beneficial recent trends in technology, says London. Conversations between a patient and clinician can be enhanced with media, and the iPad provides quick access to illustrations and videos, she says.

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