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What you may have missed on @nnlmmcr: October 1 – 31, 2012

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October 20-31, 2012

Patient engagement improvements using technology – more data from coming from the patient
All new tricks, but no treats for Google Gmail
NEJM Article: Evidence-Based Medicine in the EMR Era
DoD, VA To Expand Health Data Exchange Pilot
Pharmacies take more active role in alerts on patients’ drugs
Google Announces Three New Devices – Competition for Apple?
Sending employees to hospitals far from home in the name of less expensive and better care
Nice “comic” presentation on Open Access:
Florida community wired up as ‘living laboratory’ for longitudinal wellness study
NIHSenior Health offers information on stroke including risk factors, warning signs, prevention, and diagnosis
10 Questions You Should Know: For Patients, Family and You!
Do you have a teen driver at home, or still drive like one?
Deconstructing the new OTC label for consumers and patients
Which Types of Social Media Platforms Do Surveyed Hospitals and Health Systems Use?
Older patients join crowd consulting Dr. Internet
Nearly 9 out of 10 adults have difficulty using the everyday health information – resources and more @
12 Key Issues Hospitals Will Face in 2013
Why should a person participate in a clinical trial? The NIH answers that question here with personal stories
The October 2012 issue of The Plains to Peaks Post, newsletter of the NN/LM MCR is now available.

October 10-19, 2012

Get persistent digital identifier from ORCID that distinguishes you from other researchers. More info frm yr librarian
A bra that can detect #breastcancer based on thermal fingerprint of cancer tissue in final stages of testing.
Patient engagement = better health outcomes, right? So, where are the PHR tools?
An apple a day keeps the doctor away unless it’s an Apple iPad, which might be bring docs & patients closer together.
What is the future of using biometric to identify patients? Is Patient ID Technology going to stick?
NIH launches free database of drugs associated with liver injury. Find out more
Today is Ada Lovelace Day – Celebrate Women in #Science! Learn more about #AdaLoveLace –
Minorities and women often receive lower quality health care than their White and male counterparts. Find out more
What did your hands come in contact with today? Celebrate Global Handwashing Day
Is your iPad a pain in the neck? Read on.
New research suggests that early-life exposure to antibiotics affects gut microbes and changes how food is metabolized.
NIH launches LiverTox a free database of drugs linked to liver injury
See what the largest increases in salary in 2013 will be for those with information careers
This article does a nice job of outlining how docs are using digital media to interact with their patients
From the NLM: GeneEd Web is a safe & useful resource for students & teachers in grades 9 – 12 to learn about genetics.

October 1-9, 2012

NIH Grantees Win 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
3 big trends for the EHR cloud
It’s Mental Health Awareness Week. Tomorrow, Oct. 9 is National Day Without Stigma. Check out the community action plan
Nobel prize winners lay foundation for new era of personalized medicine
Medicare’s Pay For Performance Effort Begins, Targeting Quality and Readmissions
Patients, MDs Divided by IT Chasm
October is #HealthLiteracy Month! How can you get involved and improve #HealthLiteracy?
The American College of Surgeons was formed in 1913, for the 100th anniversary the ACS launched an interactive timeline
Documentary probes question: does increased access to healthcare lead to better health outcomes?


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