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NLM Informationist Supplement Grants Awarded

Nineteen applications were received in response to NLM’s  Administrative Supplement for Informationist Services. The supplement provides up to $50,000 for 2 years to an active NIH-funded researcher, in order to bring needed information expertise into the research team. Applications were received from principal investigators currently funded by six NIH institutes: Aging, Cancer, Dental, Deafness, Eye and NLM.  Seven NIH researchers will receive Informationist supplement awards. All of the projects selected to receive awards bring librarian informationists into research settings and measure the value of their contributions to the research. Fourteen librarian informationists will be involved across the seven projects. The awardees are listed below; additional information about the parent grants can be found by searching the NIH RePORTER (, using PI name and/or grant number.

R01 EY-21590, Grundfest, Warren H. UCLA. Grant title “non-contact, THz Sensing of Corneal Hydration. Informationist Lisa Federer, Louise Darling Library. The informationist will study and improve workflows for organizing, managing research data, identify metadata standards and ontologies that are appropriate, and propose a strategy for preserving the data.

R01 CA-152093, McIntosh, Scott. University of Rochester.  Grant title “Web-assisted Tobacco Intervention with Community College Students. Informationists Donna Berryman and Linda Hasman, EG Miner Library.  The informationists will design a data management approach for the randomized trials and for data from interviews and focus groups. They will help design a system for collecting, storing and accessing both audio and textual data, for tracking data versions, and also a metadata approach for the project. They will serve on the DSMC for the project.

R01 LM-10923, Liu, Gilbert C. Indiana University. Grant title “Delivering Geospatial Intelligence to Health Care Professionals”. Informationists Jere Odell, Rick Ralston and Elizabeth Whipple, Lilly Medical Library. The informationists will provide assistance in monitoring the accuracy of referral data and literacy level of documents generated; develop a knowledge management approach to bridge GIS and CHICA implementation; participate in community consumer health information outreach services such as identifying social and technical barriers to uptake of the enhanced data by care givers.

R01 CA-132935, Luckmann, Roger.  U Mass Worcester.  Grant title “Promoting Breast Cancer Screening in Non-Adherent Women”. Informationist Sally Gore, Souter Library.  The informationist will provide metadata, database design and retrieval advice to the technical team; assist investigators in identifying key information technology issues in the existing tracking system; work with them on a systematic review, provide customized instruction to the team, and support public access submission.

R01 DE-019796, Schmidt, Brian. New York University. Grant title “Role of proteases and peptides in cancer pain”.  Informationists Aileen McCrillis, Rich McGowan and Alisa Surkis, NYU Health Sciences Library.  The informationists will assist with improving their search queries for NCBI data sources; identifying a reference management approach for use by the multiple participants, and develop a web-based data management system for each molecule identified, to enhance workflow between the 2 sites.

R01 DC-011329, Svirsky, Mario A. New York University. Grant title “Clinical Management of Cochlear Implant Patients with Contralateral Hearing Aids”.  Informationists Theodora Bakker and Karen Hanson, NYU Health Sciences Library.  The informationists will leverage the existing data set into a tool that includes the new, unanticipated data. They will evaluate & restructure the data model and data entry tool, refine reporting queries and provide a user friendly query tool for users unfamiliar with query languages.

R01 AG-040100, Szanton, Sarah. Johns Hopkins University. Grant title “ Reducing disability via a Bundled Bio-Behavioral-Environmental Approach”.  Informationists Claire Twose and Jennifer Darragh, Welch Medical Library.  The informationists will assist with capture of medical billing information from the participants; assist with use of GIS neighborhood data; identify approaches for capturing digital recordings of interviews; assist with deposit of manuscripts in compliance with NIH Public Access.

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