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Resource Sharing and Document Delivery

Here are some helpful links to resource sharing and document delivery systems offered through the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NN/LM):


DOCLINE is the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) automated interlibrary loan (ILL) request routing and order referral system.

EFTS (Electronic Funds Transfer System)

EFTS is a transaction-based electronic billing system for interlibrary-loan (ILL) and document delivery. It's available to all libraries participating in DOCLINE.


LinkOut is a free service of the National Library of Medicine and allows a library to mark specific entries in the Entrez databases (i.e. PubMed and other NLM resources) that correspond to the library’s own print and electronic journal holdings.

Licensing Electronic Resources

This points to a list of resources and guides for improving the licensing of electronic resources.

Member Directory (Find a NN/LM Member)

Search here for other NN/LM members by location, library type, etc.