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Partner Library: A. R. Dykes Library 2016-2021

The Partner Library will coordinate the Technology project area. The Partner Library will develop and coordinate a program that supports the following outcomes: ? The reach of the NN/LM MCR is extended as a result of the work with organizations and Network members. ? Participants in NN/LM MCR programs are aware of appropriate resources and/or have the skills to use them. ? Healthcare providers and the public engaged with NN/LM MCR experience significant increase to health information access. ? Underserved populations in the NN/LM MCR, who are ready, benefit from NN/LM MCR programs. ? Network members have adopted effective practices promoted by the NN/LM MCR. ? Payers reimburse for information therapy. ? Network members are more aware of tools and methods for curating and managing data as a result of NN/LM MCR efforts.

University of Kansas Medical Center
Archie R. Dykes Library of the Health Sciences
Organization Type:
Academic Institution
Health Sciences Library
Funded Dates: 
Sunday, May 1, 2016 to Friday, April 30, 2021
Funding Amount: 
Consumers - General Public
Students - Health Professionals
Librarians - Health Science
Librarians - Public/Other
Consumers - Patients & Families
Health Professionals - All Types
Students - K-12
Students - College
Scientists - Biomed/Genetics/Biotech
Scientists - Chemistry/Toxicology/Environment
Disaster & Emergency Professionals/Responders
Health Administrators
Not Applicable