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Community Health Program

We will have a computer monitor in the busiest area of our school, the entryway, with a slideshow containing different health focuses. The theme will be changed monthly and vary in health subject matter. Some of the subjects will focus on Nutrition, Diabetes, Social, Emotional and Physical Health, Exercise, Genetics, Hygiene, Environmental, Personal and Physical Safety, Growth and Development, Stress Management, Social Skills and other subjects from the K-6 Health Curriculum. The monitor will be interactive so that involvement between the community and school is encouraged. There will be questions that students, teachers and the community can answer and then their returned papers will be entered into a monthly drawing for prizes such as jump-ropes, skateboards, frisbees, hula-hoops, balls, jump house and Jamba Juice gift cards and other various things that encourage movement and/or a healthy lifestyle. All of this will be optional, but there will be a lot of participation because of the location of the monitor and the interesting subject matters and extrinsic as well and intrinsic rewards.

Oakwood Elementary School - Utah
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Funded Dates: 
Friday, May 1, 2015 to Saturday, April 30, 2016
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Students - K-12