National Network of Libraries of Medicine
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The NNLM MCR has funds for Network members to help improve library services. Not only does the NNLM MCR offer funding but we want your proposal to be successful. Staff are always ready and willing to discuss whether your idea is fundable and review proposals before you submit them.

New End-of-Year Funding Available: The NNLM MCR anticipates having up to $15,000 available for an award late in its fiscal year, which ends in April. Proposals will need to be capable of being completed in a tight time frame and must include plans for evaluating the effectiveness of the project. Plans should incorporate the use of National Library of Medicine resources such as MedlinePlus wherever appropriate.

Projects should aim at completing one or more of the following objectives:

  • Expanding the reach of training opportunities for library staff in health information.
  • Creating and offering library programs, projects and strategic interventions in support of the NNLM mission to broaden access to health information.
  • Conducting planning that helps libraries and/or community-based organizations deliver consumer health information to communities.

Applications are due no later than February 17. To learn more, please read the Request for Proposals.

Resources on Funding

Funding Opportunities

Title Amount/Application Deadline Description Funding Period/Status
Training and Engagement Project Subaward Up to $15,000
02/17/2020 (All day)

Late Applications will not be accepted.
The purpose of this award is to fund projects in the MidContinental Region that encourage and enhance library staff training in health information, engagement of communities through libraries around... 03/09/2020 to 04/15/2020
Professional Development Subaward up to $1500
03/15/2020 (All day)

Late Applications will not be accepted
The purpose of this award is to support individuals at NNLM MCR Network member institutions to expand professional knowledge and experience to provide improved health information access to healthca 05/01/2019 to 04/15/2020