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Cost Benefit and ROI Calculator

What does your library contribute to the bottom line?

How much benefit does your institution, your user, receive for every dollar spent by the library? What's the annual return your institution realizes on what you spend on your collection? Cost/Benefit Analysis and Return on Investment are measures often used by financial managers to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of their budget policies.

Fill in the fields in the table and see what you contribute. The Cost/Benefit ratio and the Return on Investment percentage will display at the bottom of the table.

Tip: Tab between entries and do not use commas. Click here for information about each data point.

Salary Information:

User's Average
Annual Salary

User Hours Worked
Per Year
Library Salary Budget

Benefits Costs TOTAL Benefit TOTAL Cost
Books used (in house or borrowed)
Number borrowed or used
Average retail cost of a book Book budget
User time saved for each book borrowed (in 10ths of an hr) Portion of all staff time devoted to the book collection (order, receive, catalog, process,shelve,etc) in 10ths
Print journals used (in house or borrowed)
Number articles read by all users
Per article price from a vendor Journal budget (print and electronic)
User time saved per article available through library (in 10ths of an hr) Portion of all staff time devoted to journal collection (order, license, receive, process, manage, shelve, etc.) in 10ths

For more information contact Betsy Kelly, Assessment and Evaluation Liaison or Barb Jones, Advocacy Liaison