Document Delivery Resources and DOCLINE Classes

DOCLINE Resources

  • MCR Document Delivery Support page Here you will find information on document delivery resources.
  • Online DOCLINE Manual A great place to start if you have DOCLINE questions. Download a PDF version Here.
  • NLM's DOCLINE FAQ's A quick guide to the questions about DOCLINE that users ask with the most frequency.
  • Pacific Southwest Region's resources on Copyright This is a wonderful list of Copyright resources specific to health sciences libraries. (NOTE: The DOCLINE: Routing Tables class only brushes over Copyright Compliance and what default settings you may wish to select in your institutional record. We highly recommend you to look at the PNR's webpage to help you with a more in depth look into copyright and your library)

DOCLINE Training Webinars

The MidContinental Region offered DOCLINE training for users. It was a collaborative project of the Greater Midwest Region, MidContinental Region, Middle Atlantic Region and Pacific Northwest Region.

Instructors: Michelle Burda, Patricia Devine, Irene Williams, Jim Honour


Beginning DOCLINE

This class covers the bare essentials of DOCLINE where participants will have an increased understanding of the basic features of DOCLINE. The instructor will give an overview of the layout of the DOCLINE window and will provide a brief description of some of the most commonly used features and their functions.

DOCLINE: Serial Holdings

This class will provide an in-depth look into DOCLINE's Serial Holdings. Participants will be provided with an introduction to the Serial Holdings database, how to add, remove, and update Holdings, how to run reports, and where to go to get additional Serial Holdings support.

DOCLINE Routing Tables

This class will provide an in-depth look into DOCLINE Routing Tables. Participants will learn about using their Borrowing Preferences, brief explanation of copyright compliance, editing Routing Tables, M/A/N Map, setting up Lending Options, and more!

DOCLINE Borrowing and Lending

This class will provide an in-depth look into DOCLINE Borrowing and Lending. Participants will learn about: using their Borrowing Preferences; the many ways to borrow; how to process request received; how to run and view reports; the different levels of requests (normal, rush, and urgent patient care) and more.


The National DOCLINE Coordination Office will be offering all DOCLINE training in the future and will be happy to answer your training questions.   You may contact the NDCO for any DOCLINE questions or concerns: (410)706-4173  or via email